Friday, December 24, 2010

Into the Bush

Most of my work takes place in the Kampala-Entebbe area, but once a month I make a trip to one of the villages outside Kampla where Mercy Uganda has a presence. Yesterday I rented a car and drove with Gabriel and Leslie to a village 4 hours west of Kampala. (Well, Gabriel drove.) This village is so remote that I've never been able to find it on a map. It is way out in "the bush," as Ugandans would describe it. My work for the day was visiting different children in the area who Mercy Uganda sponsors to go to school. Each child has an individual sponsoring him or her, so periodically I visit the children at school or at home to find out how they are doing. I report what I find--school reports, family history, state of health, needs, favorites-- back to Laura in the States, who then passes the information to the sponsors. I'll let the pictures tell most of the story from the day.

The roads are terrible going up to this village, but at least this time they weren't muddy!
Jack fruit tree

Most of the other homes in this village are single homes. The homes in this photo belong to relatives who are members of the Banyankole tribe. According to my translator,  families from this tribe tend to build their homes in clusters for safety and a sense of unity. My ears perk up whenever I hear something about the Banyankole because Andy is is Munyankole (The Bu-  or Ba-  prefix denotes the tribe; the Mu--prefix denotes an individual belonging to that tribe.)

Children using the well that Mercy Uganda drilled this September

Lobu in the shade

A prime view of Lobu's lips as the cows go by


David and Mesach receiving gifts of mosquito nets and rice from their sponsors. (Rice is a great gift; all the kids I interview say that rice is one of their favorite foods. Rice is a treat for special occasions that the whole family can enjoy).

A man carrying matoke bananas

Me working on interviews with two sponsored girls and their family

Millie is a newly sponsored child. In this photo she is receiving a Christmas gift from her sponsors in America. Martin is reading and translating the card they sent.

Rovinsa is one of our sponsored children. Whenever I come to the village she seeks me out, either holding my hand or sitting close to me.

John, one of our sponsored children, standing in front of his home

Me with the headmaster going through school reports of the children

Working on sponsorship interviews with Mesach and David

Olivia is a sponsored child. Her sponsor sent her and her family several gifts for Christmas

The car we took to the village

A giant termite mound

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  1. Lauren thank you so much for all you are doing over there!!! We so appreciate getting any and all info we can on sweet little Millie. What a blessing to see a beautiful smile on her face when recieving our package. It brings joy to our hearts and we praise God that He has made it possible that we can support her!! Much love to you, Kristie and family :) Love your blog too!